Self photographer: how to make money on a selfie


You can open a business in the field of photography with little investment and low competition. A new format of a familiar service is a selfie studio. In the article we will consider the features of the project and how to organize it.

Business Relevance

Modern business models are increasingly focused on social media users. Cafes are attracting visitors with photogenic spaces, studios and venues are adapting to social media trends, and entrepreneurs are adapting their business to the needs of social media users.

With the development of social networks, the demand for creative spaces is actively growing, where you can take interesting photos. The target audience of such projects is young people, active users of social networks, and photographers. Both those and others easily react to new types of services, therefore, with proper organization and advertising, a selfie studio can become a successful business.

Photo studios have gone through huge changes. At first it was just a white canvas against which to pose. Then there were photo booths for instant photos, and photo studios turned into interior locations. Now selfie studios have begun to appear on the market, which have quickly become popular. According to marketers, the trend for creative spaces for photos will be relevant in the future. The selfie culture began to be perceived as a kind of social activity, one of the standard types of photo content.

Therefore, the idea of ​​​​opening a selfie studio from scratch is a new, easy-to-organize idea.

Let’s figure out what is the peculiarity of such projects and how much it costs to open your own selfie studio.

What is a selfie studio

In fact, selfie spots are a kind of photo studio, with the only difference being that visitors can take pictures of themselves without resorting to the services of photographers. Otherwise, everything here is like in full-fledged photo studios: creatively designed space, photogenic interior, proper lighting – in general, everything you need for a perfect selfie.

In one such studio, there can be many small rooms decorated in different styles: painted walls, bright backgrounds, large mirrors, themed photo props. Almost all of them are interactive: that is, they allow you not only to stand in the background, but to actively interact with the environment.

This format will be relevant for:

  • people who are embarrassed to pose for the camera but want professional photos
  • youth
  • bloggers who shoot content
  • newlyweds
  • young parents.

Selfie studios are a new but growing business. And you have a chance to enter a profitable niche with minimal competition. In Russia, such studios are just beginning to appear, and the experience of foreign entrepreneurs shows the demand for such photo services.

Idea Implementation Examples

One of the brightest examples of a studio selfie is the Museum of Illusions in Toronto. It consists of many small rooms and compartments with mirrors, unusual floors, painted walls and lots of interesting details, thanks to which visitors can take interesting photos with an illusion effect. There are special marks on the floor to suggest a good angle and capture an illusion in the photo: walking on the ceiling, flying in zero gravity, etc. Now the franchise covers 15 projects in different countries.

The classic “selfie room” format is common in Asian cities. For example, Oak Selfie Studio originated in Beijing, but the franchise now operates hundreds of studios across China and other countries. Business owners note that girls and couples most often use such photo services. Interestingly, the interior in the studio does not play a special role, because the backgrounds for the photo are virtual. The studio is equipped with a tripod and a camera with special software developed by the company itself.

An example when a selfie room was used not as a separate project, but to promote another business. So, on the basis of a vegan restaurant, a special room for selfies appeared, which was decorated with drawings in the form of comics. Such premises quickly gained popularity and thanks to word of mouth the whole city learned about the restaurant.

Pros and cons of the idea

current businesspromising directioncreative businessquick start with little investmentsimple businessquick paybackhigh competition in the field of photographic servicessome seasonal business

Business registration

So, the first step in the implementation of a business project is its registration. For a photo studio, the LLC or IP format is suitable. Having issued an IP , you will be able to maintain elementary accounting and choose a simplified tax regime. But if you plan to develop, open several outlets or sell a franchise in the future, then it is more reliable to register an LLC. As OKVED, you should indicate 74.2 (Activities in the field of photography) – it includes several subsections.

No licenses or special permissions are required. It is enough to issue a standard package of registration documents, including permission from the fire department to open a selfie studio in the selected room.

Room selection

Location is an important factor in the success of photo studios. It is not worth climbing far, because it is unlikely that clients will want to get to the studio for a couple of hours. But the sleeping area is not the best option for a selfie studio. Photographic services are not essential services so that residents of nearby houses can be counted on. The best option is the central streets of the city, shopping and entertainment centers.

The main advantage of the selfie studio over the standard format is the minimum space requirements. To accommodate selfie rooms, 20-40 sq.m. will be enough. area, cosmetic repairs and the possibility of zoning the space. On average, the cost of the rented premises will be about 20-30 thousand rubles.

When the room is selected, you can think about the layout. Selfie studio is a separate rooms-compartments, decorated in different styles. On a minimum area of ​​20 sq.m. 5-7 locations can be placed.

Also, do not forget that in addition to the working space, a zone for receiving visitors and a toilet should be provided.

Selfie studio equipment

The table shows an approximate list of equipment that is needed to open a selfie studio.

Telescopic stand type Crane25 000
Soft box (octobox)14 000
Paper background with mounting kit25 000
Lighting accessories (color filters, reflectors, etc.)10,000
Mirrors20 000
Furniture and decorations25 000
Total164 000

Thus, about 164 thousand rubles will have to be spent on studio equipment. To choose high-quality equipment and save money on it wisely, you can consult a professional photographer or contact a company that provides ready-made sets of equipment for photo studios.


Photo studio services are usually advertised via the Internet and social networks.

How to promote selfie studio services? First, take pictures of the locations and post photos to your account: talk about services, different locations, show ideas for photos and posing. In the future, you can replenish the content of your account with photos of customers who will mark you. In social networks, it is also important to indicate contacts, prices, information about promotions.

You can attract and motivate your customers with profitable offers. For example, when opening, you can arrange a drawing of a certificate or provide discounts at certain hours.

Favorable location can also become a promotion tool. For example, if you place a selfie studio in a shopping center with high traffic of visitors and make an attractive advertising sign, then your offer will surely be of interest to many.


In order for a selfie studio to work, you do not need to hire a staff. One person is enough – an administrator who will meet visitors, coordinate them, record clients (if such a schedule is expected). In any case, two administrators are enough to work alternately.
If you are hosting a selfie studio in a shopping mall, then it is better to work with a flow of visitors without records. In such a location, spontaneous decisions are more likely, when people come to you for the sake of interest, seeing a sign, or to spend their free time. If your studio is located in the center and involves photo shoots, then it is better to work by appointment.

At first, the business owner himself can cope with all the tasks. Bookkeeping can be outsourced.

How much money do you need to open

A selfie studio is a project that requires a relatively small investment. To start, you will need 200-300 thousand rubles. The table shows the main costs that make up this amount.

Initial investment

Business registration2000
Equipment164 000
Rent (2 months)40 000
Unexpected expenses20 000
Total254 000

In addition, it is worth planning in advance the monthly costs of the project. Approximate amounts are shown in the table.

Monthly costs

Salary fund40 000
Premises for rent20 000
Advertising campaign10,000
Unexpected expenses10,000
Total80 000

Taxes must also be added to this amount, then you will receive the current amount of monthly expenses.

Project profitability

Consider the most important question: how much can you earn on a selfie studio.

To give a specific answer, you need to determine the cost of services. As a guide, you can take the cost of ordinary photo studios – and put the price a little lower. On average, 1 hour of renting a photo studio will cost 1000 rubles. Based on this, 1 hour of renting a selfie studio can cost 800 rubles. If you do not want to set an hourly rate and work by appointment, then set a cheaper price for an “entry ticket” – for example, entry per person is 300-400 rubles.

In a large city, you can count on 150 hours of rental filming or 300 visitors per month (5 hours of filming or 7 visitors per day, respectively). Calculate revenue:

  • 150×800= 120,000 (rubles)
  • 300 × 350 \u003d 105,000 (rubles)

Such studios work 10 hours a day, i.е. This calculation assumes a studio load of 50%.

Then the net profit will vary in the amount of 30-40 thousand rubles. During the holidays, this amount can double due to increased demand. With an average monthly profit of 35 thousand rubles, you can recoup the invested funds after 8 months of work. For photo studios, this is a good indicator, since standard locations usually pay off within a year or even a year and a half.


Any business involves risk. When planning, it is necessary to take into account the various difficulties that may arise at the start and in work. Forewarned is forearmed!

The main risk of any photo studio is high competition . Now this is a fairly popular type of business, so there are many locations for photographs in the city. The very idea of ​​a selfie room stands out from them, which provides a competitive advantage, but standard photo studios cannot be discounted either.

Another problem is the obsolescence of locations . A visitor who came to you once is unlikely to return again to the same interiors. He will come back for a second visit only if the design changes. Therefore, it is very important to update locations periodically. The owner of a selfie studio must always be in trend, follow trends and understand social networks in order to understand how to create an actual offer.

The next risk is seasonality . This is the specifics of business in photography studios. As a rule, during the summer months, demand decreases, and the highest attendance is in November, December, February and March. Attendance is also distributed unevenly over the days of the week – on weekdays, demand is significantly lower than on weekends. The seasonality of demand can be partially compensated by a good location and great deals, which, as a rule, are suitable for a time of low sales.

Tip: consider seasonality when opening a project. Start the project so that you have time to open shortly before the peak of sales. Then you can quickly recoup your investment.

Thus, having weighed all the pros and cons, you can make a final decision on the implementation of this project.


The idea of ​​creating selfie rooms allows you to open a photo studio with minimal investment. If standard locations require a minimum of 500 thousand rubles, then the budget of this project is 250-300 thousand rubles.

Today, the popularity of such sites is increasing. Thanks to a fresh idea and a high demand for photo services, we get a promising and profitable business.


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