Own business: furniture cleaning at home


Home furniture cleaning business is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting investments are 160 thousand rubles, and the monthly income is 100-120 thousand rubles.

Business idea: dry cleaning of upholstered furniture

As a furniture dry cleaning business, it appeared relatively recently. The service is in demand mainly in metropolitan areas and large cities. This area of ​​cleaning has its own characteristics:

  • the average check for dry cleaning is at least 50% more expensive than standard cleaning;
  • upholstered furniture requires cleaning no more than 1-2 times a year, so the business involves not so much the formation of a base of regular customers as a regular search for new ones;
  • business is subject to seasonal fluctuations (the peak of orders falls on March-September)

The business concept involves the creation of the most convenient service that quickly and efficiently solves the client’s everyday issues and saves his time.

Business pros and cons

Consider the main pros and cons of this business idea.

small initial investmentminimum number of employees and simple business managementquick payback up to six monthsgrowing demand for cleaning servicesthe prospect of business expansion and the provision of comprehensive cleaning servicesquick start option Due to the low entry into the niche, the number of competitors is growingSeasonal demand for servicesRequires a constant search for customers, which involves advertising costs

Having studied all the advantages and disadvantages, you can start planning a furniture dry cleaning business.

Step-by-step guide to starting a furniture cleaning business

To open a business from scratch, you will need:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Register an individual entrepreneur and put it on tax records
  3. Purchase equipment and consumables
  4. Find employees
  5. Plan a marketing campaign, place ads
  6. Conclude preliminary contracts with clients, draw up a service schedule
  7. Plan logistics and order fulfillment.

This scheme is for informational purposes only, the sequence of actions may be different, but, as experienced entrepreneurs advise, you should start by determining the target audience and the geography of sales of services. Your clients will be residents of residential areas, new buildings, cottage-type settlements.

Business registration

To start an upholstered furniture dry cleaning business, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur . It is necessary to prepare official documentation and pay the state fee. In general, the registration process is standard, and no difficulties should arise at this stage. As OKVED, it is worth indicating: 96.01 – Laundry and dry cleaning of textile and fur products.

Purchase of equipment

An extractor is a universal device for dry-cleaning furniture. During operation, it sprays the cleaning solution and immediately sucks it through the nozzle, thereby removing dirt and leaving no moisture.

Experienced entrepreneurs are advised to purchase equipment from Italian manufacturers. For example, the Santoemma brand produces professional equipment for cleaning furniture and carpets. Budget models cost about 40 thousand rubles. More powerful and functional ones will cost 80 thousand rubles.

Before purchasing equipment, consider the following factors:

  • chemical input force – from 4 bar and above;
  • suction turbine power – from 1500 watts.
  • the presence of a vacuum;
  • the possibility of heating the solution.

You will also need a professional vacuum cleaner. It should have a tank with a good volume, silent operation and high power. It is best to purchase a full-cycle washing vacuum cleaner with a set of special nozzles. The cost of such equipment will be about 40 thousand rubles.

In addition to equipment, it is necessary to purchase chemicals and detergents for cleaning upholstered furniture. The main requirement is that they should not contain chlorine and aggressive substances so as not to damage the surface. For example, Chemspec and Pro-Brite brand cleaners. It is recommended to purchase several options for cleaning products for different types of fabric.

Also, consumables include a work uniform, disposable gloves, brushes, sponges, napkins, and more. Another 10-15 thousand rubles will have to be allocated for this.

At the start, it is better to purchase the minimum amount of equipment and buy it in addition as the number of orders grows.

Thus, a set of necessary equipment for furniture dry cleaning will cost, on average, 100-120 thousand rubles.

A question of logistics

If you provide dry cleaning services at home, then you need to take care of transport in advance. To cut down on upfront costs, hire staff with a private car so they can get to work quickly. You can also rent a car or purchase it on lease.

Dry cleaning staff

An entrepreneur can take on organizational issues, but in any case, he will need to hire employees:

  • dispatcher taking order
  • master cleaners working in shifts
  • outsourced accountant

There are no special requirements for the vacancy of a cleaner. It will not be difficult to master the algorithm for the provision of a service, so there should not be any problems with finding an employee. The snag may lie in the provision of transport (not every employee will agree to use his personal car). But, in general, organizing the workflow is quite simple.

How to sell services

The dry cleaning service with a home visit allows you to save on renting a room, but requires serious attention to promotion. First you need to determine who your target audience is. As a rule, the services of cleaning companies are used by people with medium and high incomes, however, the peculiarity of furniture dry cleaning is that this service can be used by different categories of the population. Both corporate clients, busy people, and housewives who simply cannot clean the furniture themselves can contact you. Therefore, it is important to provide for the placement of advertising on different resources in order to cover all categories of your potential customers.

How to advertise dry cleaning services:

  • post ads at the entrances and in the elevators of houses;
  • create a one-page website where you can place brief information about services, prices, reviews and contacts. Launch targeted advertising for the site;
  • create corporate pages in different social networks. This will allow customers to find information about services, promotions and special offers;
  • place ads on ad sites, advertising reviews in social networks;
  • prepare advertising printing and distribute it: in the form of flyers with a discount, a booklet with a description of services and a price list, business cards. They can be distributed with the help of promoters or scatter brochures in mailboxes.

In advertising, keep in mind that the demand for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is a seasonal business. Active sales, as a rule, fall on the warm season: from March to September. During the period when demand is lower, you need to activate promotional offers: discounts, holiday promotions, etc.

And remember that the specifics of promoting such services is to constantly attract new customers. This means that it is necessary to provide for a monthly advertising budget of at least 10 thousand rubles.

Start-up capital

So, let’s summarize how much money you need to open a furniture dry cleaner from scratch. As can be seen from the table, the total amount of investments will be about 166 thousand rubles. This amount is approximate and may vary both up and down. It all depends on the cost of equipment and advertising budget. For example, if you plan to work in a small city with a minimum number of competitors, then you can spend less on advertising; if you open a business in a large city, where there are more competitors and advertising services are more expensive, then the budget will increase.

IP opening800
Purchase of equipment and household chemicals100,000
Compensation of employees45 000 rub.
Total:RUB 165,800

Monthly expenses

In addition to the initial, you need to plan and monthly expenses. You will have to buy additional detergents and other consumables, pay salaries to employees, spend money on gasoline when leaving for an order, pay for advertising and taxes. In total, the amount of monthly expenses will be approximately 80 thousand rubles.

Departure of transport5000
Purchase of consumables5000 
Employee salaries45 000 rub.
Taxes (approximate amount)15,000
Total:80 000

Service cost

Prices for cleaning services depend on many parameters: seasonality, target audience, equipment and chemicals used, the region where you work. An approximate price list for dry cleaning of upholstered furniture for a large city will look like this:

  • sofa dry cleaning (2 places) – 2000 rubles.
  • dry cleaning of a large sofa – 3000 rubles.
  • chair dry cleaning – 1500 rubles.
  • dry cleaning of carpets – from 400 rubles. per 1 sq.m.
  • dry cleaning of carpet – from 500 rubles. per 1 sq.m.
  • dry cleaning of the mattress – from 1000 rubles.

In total, the average check for the order is 2500 rubles.

Income level, business payback

Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture at home, as a business, has different profitability ratios depending on the region where you work. Great demand for such services is observed in million-plus cities, where many wealthy citizens live. In small towns, dry cleaning will be ordered many times less often. Therefore, before you start, it is better to assess the demand for this type of service. 

According to statistics, cleaning is in demand by the middle class. In cities with a population of more than 500 thousand people, the middle class makes up ¼ of the total number of inhabitants.

If we proceed from the fact that upholstered furniture is cleaned once or twice a year, then the potential market is estimated at 10,000 orders. This amount should be reduced by another 2-3 times. Someone prefers to do their own cleaning, and someone will turn to another company for the service. There is a lot of competition in big cities. So, we have about 2 thousand potential customers a year. The real state of affairs is such that, on average, it is realistic to receive 50 orders per month.

With an average check of 2,500 rubles, we get that the monthly revenue will be 125,000 rubles. Subtracting monthly expenses in the amount of 80,000 rubles, we get a profit of 45,000 rubles.

With this level of net profit, the initial investment will pay off in 4 months. However, it should be understood that it is unlikely that from the very first days of work it will be possible to reach such volumes. As practice shows, dry cleaning of furniture begins to bring entrepreneurs a stable income after 6-8 months of work.

Pitfalls and business risks

Consider the main risks that an entrepreneur may face in this area.

  • Lack of clients. Cleaning services are in demand among people with medium and high incomes. If such a contingent is small or absent in your region, then your business runs the risk of burning out.
  • The presence of competitors. A particular threat is posed by those firms that provide a full range of cleaning services. It is more difficult to compete with such companies both in terms of price and service. Large cleaning companies operate in million-plus cities, but orders can be found even close to such competitors.
  • Draining the advertising budget . As mentioned above, the specifics of the service determines the need for active advertising. On a monthly basis, you will have to allocate funds for promotion and monitor the effectiveness of promotional activities so as not to waste money. It may not be possible to immediately find the most profitable advertising tools. Therefore, at the start, you need to correctly distribute the budget: do not spend all the money at once, but test different marketing strategies.
  • technical risk . Even if you use high-quality expensive equipment, you are not immune from breakdowns and additional repair costs. In addition, the failure of the equipment will also stop your activities – you may lose orders. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice of equipment and work with it.
  • Seasonality of demand. Furniture dry cleaning services are most in demand during the warm season – from March to September. What about the rest of the months? Launch advertising, make profitable offers, hold promotions so as not to be left without orders at all.


As approximate calculations have shown, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture is a profitable business idea. In addition, it is quite simple to organize it, and the initial investment can pay off within six months. For successful work, you need to draw up a competent business plan, find your client and provide high-quality services – then you will always have orders. 


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