Organizing a storage business


Owners of private houses with adjacent plots are often deprived of the problem of storing many dimensional items that are temporarily no longer needed, but they cannot be thrown away. But apartment residents often face the need to store large objects in a limited space. Of course, some of them have their own garage or shed on the adjacent house territory, but even everything you need does not always fit there. Many people use balconies and loggias for these purposes, which are forced to store things in their room, and in this case, the owners of one-room apartments are the worst off. The way out in such situations for them can be the responsible storage of overall things that are offered by many companies in big cities. 

Needless to say, such a service is always in demand, and an entrepreneur in a large settlement can seriously think about organizing such a business. View a gradual increase in storage space, which will later offer their services to large companies that rent much larger sites and, accordingly, pay completely different amounts.

In any large city there are already companies that offer their customers temporary storage of large items, but it is worth noting that a person is much more likely to choose a company that is as close as possible to his home. Considering that active construction is underway in any metropolis and new residential areas are appearing, a warehouse located nearby will most likely begin to be in demand among local residents. 

In this regard, the degree of influence of competitors can be called insignificant, because enterprises in this area work in different areas and do not interfere with each other’s earnings. However, before starting your activity, you need to thoroughly study the situation on the market, evaluate the offers of competitors and find out the features of their work. After all, if they offer their customers a service at a price much higher than the average, then even the close location of the warehouse will not become a competitive advantage, and the client will go to another company. 

The problem can also arise if all promising places are already occupied, that is, there is sufficient supply on the market covering the entire territory. Then it will be quite difficult to take your place in the market, and the entrepreneur will be forced to look for new ways to promote his service, and in this area the client is primarily interested in price. However, if there have already been repeated complaints from the public about companies offering responsible storage of oversized items, then an enterprise with higher prices for its services, but with a better service, will be popular.

Warehousing services are not subject to licensing if storage and transportation of certain groups of things and products is not expected. These include alcohol and tobacco products, medicinal products, dangerous goods and the like, but there are hardly any people among the population who deposit such things. In this regard, to work, it is enough to register as a business entity, and in this case, you can register as an individual entrepreneur or register as a legal entity, if necessary. The form of a limited liability company is preferred, because in this case it is possible to use a simplified taxation system, which allows transferring only 6 percent of income or 15 percent of operating profit to the state.

The easiest way to organize your work on the provision of storage space in the event that the property has a land plot. Then it will be possible to start building your own warehouse, and as a result, the entrepreneur will receive real estate and will not be forced to pay rent monthly or annually. However, the cost of building a warehouse complex can be quite high, depending on the footage. An important factor affecting the cost is the class of the warehouse, its equipment and materials used in construction. 

It is also worth noting that if the entrepreneur is considering the option of the subsequent sale of the warehouse, then in order for the building to have value on the market, not only a road, but also a railway must be connected to it. The cost of building your own warehouse is about 8 thousand rubles per 1 square meter, although it all depends on the construction company and the services it offers. The warehouse must be equipped and arranged in such a way that it is possible to safely store any things in it, however, the population does not transfer perishable or unstable things to external influences for safekeeping; usually it is furniture, garden and sports equipment, tires. 

The size of the warehouse is calculated at the stage of business planning, as a rule, start-up entrepreneurs have a warehouse with an area of ​​1-2 acres, but in case of successful business development, this territory will not be enough very soon. Therefore, it is necessary either to be able to complete the premises, or to erect a new building. However, not all entrepreneurs have sufficient funds to build their own warehouse, and in this case they have only one way out – to rent a warehouse. 

Usually, not even whole warehouse premises are rented out, but only part of them, however, in any case, the rental price is calculated depending on the area for each square meter. The cost of renting a warehouse strongly depends on the city where the location works in it, so in federal cities the average cost of 1 square meter per year is 5 thousand, but this is too average price, and it can be much higher or lower. In smaller cities, the price will be slightly lower, but in general, the cost is determined by too many factors to accurately name it.

Arranging your own warehouse can also be a serious expense, but in this case, the entrepreneur has a choice in choosing equipment. For individual storage warehouses, special boxes are most often used, which are fenced areas. These can be special plastic containers with a door or just a warehouse area surrounded by a profile sheet. Such checks can be of different areas, usually 5-10 square meters, but the space in them is completely occupied, including in height. In this way, you can store a large number of things in a limited space, which significantly reduces the occupancy of the warehouse and allows you to allocate space for new areas for new customers. 

Along with boxes or instead of them, racks are built that have many tiers and allow you to store a large number of smaller items. The cost of one square meter of shelving construction is approximately two thousand rubles, but in the case of the purchase of self-supporting or mezzanine shelving, this price can be significantly increased. 

To work in the warehouse, you will need to purchase a variety of lifting equipment, carts, scales, stackers, but the forklift will become the most important device. A Chinese car will cost an entrepreneur about 500 thousand rubles, but they can be much more expensive depending on the manufacturer and maximum load capacity. Usually, all the necessary equipment is already on the territory of the rented warehouse, and the cost of its use is included in the rent. But if an entrepreneur builds a warehouse on his own, he will have to allocate at least another million rubles for its arrangement.

In your work, you also need to cooperate with insurance companies that will be able to reimburse the cost of damage to the client in case of unforeseen circumstances. Thus, the client must enter into an agreement with the insurance in order to place his goods, however, some companies for the storage of bulky items do not oblige their customers to purchase insurance. But in this case, the entrepreneur himself takes all the risks, which in other cases can be very significant. The client pays the insurance one-time, usually this amount is about one month of renting a storage cell. However, this is practiced in companies that do not accept items for storage for a period of less than a month, but these are the majority. 

For example, even in large cities in Russia, a very small number of companies accept things for storage on a daily or weekly basis, usually the minimum period is a month. This is quite understandable, because such an opportunity is not of much interest to people, because a dimensional thing needs to be transported, and they do this only if it really is not needed for a very long time. On the other hand, a company that offers a short-term collection service has a competitive advantage over other companies in this field.

Quite often, a company that accepts bulky items for storage offers its customers also their transportation to or from their destination. Moreover, the absence of such an offer in the list of company services can negatively affect its image and scare away many consumers. In this regard, it is necessary to purchase trucks, and roomy vans are suitable here, the average cost of which is 1 million rubles. You can save a lot by buying used cars and invest, especially Russian-made ones, but in this case you need to count on the fact that you will have to invest a lot of money in constant maintenance and repair, and in a relatively short time the car will fail, and it will need to be replaced. In general, you can buy a car for 200 thousand rubles, but then you can’t talk about quality. It is unlikely that one car will be enough, but at first it may be enough if there is no hope of attracting a large number of consumers, and the warehouse is small. Otherwise, a whole fleet of reliable cars is purchased. 

Given the specifics of this business, it will not be necessary to purchase large trucks that are used in long-distance and international transportation and transport many tons of cargo. Their purchase will be necessary only if it is planned to store a large number of goods and cooperate with large enterprises. However, this is a completely different kind of activity.

To work in the warehouse, you need to attract additional people. For a very small enterprise, two people will be enough to carry out the acceptance of cargo, its warehousing and inventory. However, in the case of working with a sufficiently large room, it is necessary to involve several loaders, a receiver, drivers of vehicles, auxiliary workers and an administrator. The entrepreneur himself can also take part in the process of working with clients, which will save on attracting one or more people. 

All business processes that are not related to the organization’s profit should be outsourced. The size of the staff can be completely different depending on the size of the organization itself. However, keep in mind that wages will surely become one of the largest items of expenditure per month. Also, in order to protect yourself from many incidents related to illegal actions, you should contact a private security organization. It is likely that the PSC will install a burglar alarm and access control system on the territory of the warehouse and the adjacent complex, which will require additional investments. A private security organization can also provide round-the-clock video surveillance at the facility, and the entrepreneur will not have to install it on his own.

The cost of storage of oversized items is calculated primarily by footage, in exceptional cases the cost may be increased if especially valuable items are transferred for storage, the storage of which is associated with a certain risk. Otherwise, the storage and warehousing company offers all its customers the same tariffs for its services, regardless of what things are accepted. 

Most often things are stored for one or more months, but often not stored for a year or even more. The longer the storage period, the more favorable the tariff is offered to the client, but on average, the cost of renting one square meter per month is one thousand rubles. Some warehouses offer much more favorable terms of cooperation, but this is possible only at large enterprises that have sufficient capacity to accommodate a large number of things. The full use of space makes it possible to greatly reduce the cost, for example, when installing special dedicated cells, the size of which can be calculated not in quadrature, but in cubic meters. But we must not forget that it is not always possible to place things in the best way, it is not always possible to store them side by side or on top of each other. However, in this case, the client is forced to rent more space, and therefore pay more. Shelving tends to be more expensive for the customer. 

It is also worth noting that the entrepreneur, having a fairly large income, not only due to the storage of things, but also due to their transportation. In such companies, special transport rates are calculated, and for people who are forced to transport and store a large number of things, this offer becomes very profitable, since it allows you to reduce costs in terms of 1 square meter of cargo. This is especially true for office organizations and people who are moving, especially from one private household to another. The cost of such a service starts at about two thousand rubles at the most minimal rate – one loader and 1-2 hours of work. Additional hours separately. This is very similar to the business that is called mooving, and the entrepreneur can do it in addition to the main activity;

Such an undertaking is distinguished by rather large investments, especially if it is planned to build your own warehouse. However, it is possible to organize a relatively small warehouse, which is focused on a small number of consumers, and later, if successful, develop this direction and increase its storage space. In big cities, you can promote your services by simply being located on the territory of a block of high-rise buildings. People living in apartments will be interested in transportation, and the local population will appreciate the possibility of storing bulky things that take up space, but may be needed. 

In the new quarters, the service for the transportation of things will be much more relevant. It should also be noted that this business is to some extent seasonal, because motorists often turn to the services of such companies to store their tires for the summer or winter, as well as athletes who do not know where to put their skis or snowboards.


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