How do tarot readers make money?


Some people just need to believe in the supernatural. Contrary to all the laws of logic and common sense, a certain percentage of the population is still firmly convinced that brownies live in houses, magic exists, psychics can treat diseases through TV and solve crimes through the astral, and Tarot cards really show the future. Thanks to the blind faith of too many people in something mystical, “hereditary witchers”, “fortunetellers” and other charlatan “evil spirits” live and live for centuries. Moreover, there are those for whom such a business is naturally family, hereditary (that is, even the great-grandmother began to deceive people, and then taught her offspring to do this), and those who are trying to break into this market on their own. However, what are they to blame? if they just make money on the stupidity of other people? The man himself wanted to be deceived.

Tarot cards, however, are not only a tool for quackery and deceit. Undoubtedly, this is just a set of plastic or cardboard cards with drawings, but they can be compared with an ordinary playing deck of cards, which is sometimes also used for divination. Thus, fortune-telling on Tarot cards is also a kind of entertainment process, it’s just a way to relax and get a little distracted. 

A rational person will never live according to the instructions of the Tarot cards (how can you even trust pieces of cardboard?), but even such people sometimes want to at least jokingly try to find out their future. For a tarot reader, these are not very profitable clients, because they will not use the services too often. For a charlatan, this is an absolute minus, but for an honest entrepreneur, even in this situation, there is an opportunity to earn money while remaining honest with clients.

In this type of business, as elsewhere, there is also its own competition, and charlatans are especially good at attracting customers, because they do not shun the most dishonest tricks. Therefore, if there is no desire to impersonate a fifth-generation medicine man or a great sorcerer, you will have to attract clients in some other way. In this case, first of all, they go to guess precisely to the supposedly real magician. However, the Tarot is a whole science, and therefore, even a person who does not have spiritualistic abilities, having studied the whole issue, can begin to offer people the correct divination with the correct interpretation of the cards that have fallen. 

It is a mistake to believe that Tarot is for the elite, and only sorcerers (who do not exist) can deal with them, any person who has sufficient patience and approaches this issue with interest can “guess” on the cards no worse than a sorcerer. Because all fortune-telling comes down to the interpretation of cards and the correct psychological game with the client.

To start your own business, you must register as a business entity. In this case, you can register as an individual entrepreneur or even a legal entity. It is much more convenient to issue an IP, because an entrepreneur can really cope with all the work alone, and registration of a legal entity will become too long and a process. As an individual entrepreneur, you can enjoy a simplified taxation system and pay only 6% (of income) or 15% (of operating profit) in taxes. 

The activity code can be specified (OKPD 2) 93.29 Other entertainment and recreation services. However, in this case, the code (OKPD 2) 96.09 Other personal services not included in other groups may be better suited, because usually, from a legal point of view, fortune-telling refers specifically to personal services. Registration will require approximately 20 thousand rubles to pay the state fee and other minor expenses, as well as about a month to complete all bureaucratic procedures.

The work will require a room, and many of the tarot card readers do their work directly from home. Moreover, offering to see the future, for this indicating the need to visit the office, is illogical to say the least and does not correlate with the understanding of the Tarot principle, which has always assumed some kind of mysticism, mystery and communication with the other world. In general, the main thing in the organization of the working space is not the size of the room or the location of the house in the city, but the surroundings of the room itself. In order for clients to be in the right mood, many tarologists use interior design according to generally accepted concepts from occultism, astrology, and even alchemy. To do this, it is enough to allocate only one room, but you will have to decorate it, perhaps in such a way that later you will not be able to live in it – after all, twilight should reign there. For, to start your own business, you need to spend a little money on furnishing a room. The exact amount depends on the imagination of the tarot reader and the available funds.

It is important to understand that business is fundamentally different from charlatanism. All those who are trying to convince their clients of their supposedly available magical power and present the drawn cards as a clear picture of events are simple deceivers who play on the stupidity and gullibility of the population. By the way, few of them are registered as entrepreneurs, but they are necessarily members of somesectassociation of tarologists, the purpose of which is already a larger swindle. Which is not surprising – according to the law, such activities are not illegal, so anyone can declare themselves a sorcerer. 

Then what is the difference between an honest entrepreneur and a pseudo-shaman? The fact that he provides information, but does not try to convince the client of something supernatural. This can even be an advantage in a situation where the spread does not show a very good picture. In this case, one can refer to the fact that the cards can show what is to be feared, but they do not have to be believed. The sorcerer, on the other hand, cannot refuse the fact that the Tarot is fanned with magic, and unprecedented forces speak of fate.

In general, Tarot is not only something occult, a deck of these cards is an interesting system that can be interpreted in completely different ways depending on which cards fell out together. That is, the final result is determined not by a simple sum of values, but by their totality, which complement and change each other. This opens up a huge number of opportunities for a psychologist who can skillfully manipulate the minds of his clients. After all, the same pictures can be interpreted in different ways, choosing the most optimal, neutral or good value, which cannot but please the client. However, a visitor who does not have a very good picture will definitely stick to the tarologist with the question “what to do?”, And here the latter has the opportunity to earn money. If he’s not clean. The matter can reach the point of absurdity, 

As already noted, the layout can be interpreted as convenient in one case or another, and also, if initially we say that the alignment that has fallen out is not yet the ultimate truth, then you can encourage the visitor to perform any useful actions for him. A competent psychoanalyst with the help of cards can even improve the life of his client for the better – self-hypnosis, imaginary fear, and even placebo can greatly change consciousness.

But such work should not be destructive. An entrepreneur is distinguished by the fact that he goes to meet his consumer, gives him the opportunity to enjoy the work of an interesting system that has been developed, refined and improved over many centuries. It is rather a psychological test, a game, useful for mental activity, communication with a mystical tinge, a way of introspection and finding solutions to the problems of your life. 

A psychologist who lays out Tarot cards in front of a gullible client (and in fact anyone who comes to a session is gullible), but before that unobtrusively finds out what worries the client and what problems he wants to deal with. The drawn cards are interpreted in a favorable light, but within the framework of the rules, it is also impossible to offend such an ancient system with ignorance. As a result, the visitor can leave a completely different person, not knowing that a psychologist worked with him, and not a magician. But unlike magicians, psychologists at least exist.

It turns out that Tarot can even be a socially useful social undertaking. However, you can not be either a psychologist or a charlatan, but simply lay out a deck in front of a believer and draw the resulting picture according to the established rules. In this case, the tarologist is an impartial performer who “shows the fate” with which to live on to the client. At the same time, it is unlikely that it will be possible to provide any additional list of services, because fortune telling is usually offered removal of damage, love spells and other communications with the dead, but there are also some pseudosciences that can also be entertaining and even a little educational interest. This, for example, is palmistry, which is also connected with the fate of a person in absolutely no way, but may be curious for some people. This also includes divination on other cards.

To attract customers, you need to run a small advertising campaign, and in this case even newspaper ads will be good. If you have funds, you can order the creation and promotion of your own website, where you can post your own information about services and prices, as well as advertising materials. The site can also be used as an online fortune-telling, which, of course, does not have such a mystical atmosphere and will not become an interesting experience, but it allows you to satisfy the interest of the most ordinary consumers who will never go to a tarologist and will not spend money on it. On a site of this kind, you can earn either on advertising or on providing paid fortune-telling, but the latter option is actually not common due to the relative complexity of payment and the lack of interest of people in general. Enthusiastic go to the “shaman”,

Interestingly, the gender of the tarologist plays a significant role in this business. And, especially, age. It’s so customary that a witch must be old,red and cook potions on fly agaric. Therefore, an ad for a tarot reading given by a granny in a dark, mysterious headscarf will attract potential customers better than exactly the same, but given by a young guy. Moreover, hardly anyone will go to the latter. And here it will be quite difficult to break the prevailing stereotypes, and the entrepreneur will have to adjust his image to the image of an inhabitant (and even a regular) of the astral. A person in an ironed shirt will not be perceived point-blank by customers, but in a black raincoat or simply looking extraordinary, if only for this reason, will attract attention. Before you earn a name for yourself, you will probably have to play clowning, but even a quiet, albeit a little extravagant, calm image can remain forever, this will become a “trick” of the tarologist. Don’t forget that people love the show.

It will be slightly easier for women to conquer this market than for men, just as older people have an advantage over younger ones. Although usually such earnings are chosen by those who are seriously interested in Tarot, at least just as art and entertainment. There are few of these among young people. For a large number of entrepreneurs, this will most likely become just a small additional source of income, although for hereditary witches, fortune telling and getting rid of the evil eye become a good addition to their pensions. 

However, the entrepreneur does not present himself as someone he is not and does not try to convince himself or others of this. And although it is not necessary to focus on rationalists in this type of business, it is still worth offering customers some kind of “alternative” Tarot. Tarot as an art, as a psychological training, as an easy game (by the way, there is a full-fledged Tarot card game – “jeu de tarot”). It will surely find its consumer. Not as many as “real” specialists, but in this case you can even count on those who are afraid of spirits or are really not strict skeptics. Neither one nor the other will go to standard tarologists.

Different segments of the population turn to divination. No need to think that only women go to grandmothers for fortune telling. Many men are also interested in this type of service, especially businessmen. Superstition is inherent in many even modern people, including businessmen, especially the old school, who began to build their business back in the nineties. Here their interest in Tarot is genuine, the rest are a little more restrained in their faith. Today, fortune-telling about the success of starting a business is even one of the most popular types of services, because people turn just for information about the undertaking. Undoubtedly, many aspiring entrepreneurs doubt whether they should start their own business, and among such people there are a lot of those who are far from the economy (and even higher education), who do not have entrepreneurial talent and who just want to but is not going to do anything. In their doubts, such under-businessmen often wander to charlatans of various stripes.

In Tarot divination, it is imperative to mention the deck itself. It consists of 78 cards, which are divided into two unequal groups: the minor arcana (56 cards) and the major arcana (22 cards). So each deck is distinguished by its design, execution, theme and style of drawings. You can also use a standard deck in your work, “real hereditary magicians” use a worn out old deck (inspires awe in the client, although a new deck can simply be artificially aged) or make a deck to order.

The cost of one session with a tarologist is determined directly by the entrepreneur himself. Some guess for 300 rubles, and some do not take less than a thousand. More eminent fortune tellers take several thousand, sometimes setting a price tag much higher than 10 thousand rubles per session. It is impossible to determine the real cost of fortune-telling – it simply does not exist, and here each entrepreneur is engaged in pricing in a way that is beneficial to him.


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