Earnings in social networks: how to start making money on advertising


There are many services for making money in social networks. Both bloggers and scouts benefit from the Perfluence platform . In the article, we will consider how to make money on advertising through the CPA network.

Advertising in social networks is a powerful promotion tool that is becoming more and more popular every year. Today, advertisers cooperate not only with large bloggers, but also with small sites on CPA or cost-per-action terms, which literally translates as “payment for action”. This system involves payment for a targeted action on an advertising platform. That is, the advertiser pays not for the placement of advertising itself, but for its effectiveness. For example, for placing an order or installing an application using your link.

One of the most popular CPA agencies is Perfluence. It acts as an intermediary between advertisers and bloggers. Among the brands that cooperate with the platform, there are such serious companies as Ozon, Joom, Tinkoff, Okko, Aliexpress and many others. To date, the platform is expanding the list of projects and terms of cooperation. There are offers with a fixed payment for advertising or work on barter. The platform is being actively promoted and developed, which provides a large audience coverage. And where there is an audience, there is an opportunity to earn.

There are two ways to earn on Perfluence:

  • as a blogger – the owner of the site where advertising is placed
  • as a scout – a manager who searches for advertising sites

Let us consider in more detail each of the methods, analyze the main pros and cons of such cooperation.

How can a blogger make money with Perfluence?

If your blog or channel has 1500 subscribers, you can take advertising projects on Perfluence. This is the main condition for cooperation.

Getting started with Perfluence is easy. Step by step guide how to work with the platform:

  1. Register on the Perfluence website. Registration is standard, the functionality of the service is simple and intuitive for any user. You must enter your username or a link to your blog page. The platform works with all key social networks: Vkontakte, Telegram, Youtube, Twitch, Yandex Zen or Tiktok.

    To identify and confirm that you are the owner of the account, the system checks that the profile description contains the word Perfluence, so you need to indicate this in the profile header, for example, “I work with Perfluence”. After registering, you can remove it from the description. Another prerequisite is a minimum of 1500 subscribers on the account.
  2. Select projects for cooperation . After registration, a list of projects will be available to you, from which you can choose the proposals that are relevant to you and send an application.
  3. Post promotional material on your site. If your application is approved, a manager will contact you for further work. Your account will be checked (statistics and quality of the audience), then they will provide technical specifications, requirements for an advertising post, perhaps approval of the material will be required.
  4. Check statistics and get paid for the targeted actions of your subscribers . Each blogger is provided with a personal link that allows you to track the number of transitions and useful actions. You can track the statistics in your personal account, the amount earned – and withdraw money to your account: Qiwi wallet, bank card, Paypal, Epayments and Webmoney. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 rubles.

It all sounds easy enough, but, like any service, it has its own nuances. The first is that most projects are paid under CPA terms: i.e. payment is charged not for the fact of advertising, but depending on its effectiveness. The catch is that the blogger, having done his job, may be left without earnings. That is, you will spend your time and resources – but not the fact that you will receive payment for this. To avoid this, you will have to carefully select projects, focusing on your audience. You can make money on the Perfluence platform if you have active subscribers who will be interested in your advertising and perform targeted actions.

Not all projects are paid according to the CPA system. Some advertisers offer a flat rate per user click or pay per ad placement.

Another nuance is that many advertisers impose strict requirements for cooperation: they send a text or abstract, set the date and time for posting content, and approve the advertising material.

The third problem that bloggers face is statistics. No one knows how reliable it is and whether it can be trusted. The blogger has no personal connection with the advertiser, but works with a personal manager, so it is impossible to know the real sales statistics. On the Internet, you can find negative reviews in which bloggers complain about the delay and statistics errors. But there are also opposite opinions that talk about a stable income from advertising.

How much can a blogger earn on Perfluence? 

The platform itself assures that successful bloggers earn 260 thousand rubles a month, and for one post you can get more than 70 thousand rubles. But in fact, much more honest and adequate amounts are 25-30 thousand rubles a month.

You can also earn additional income by referring other bloggers, sending them a link to register on the platform, and getting a percentage for each user.

The profitability and effectiveness of cooperation with Perfluence depends on the chosen project, but for the most part – on your audience. The more active it is, the higher your earnings.

Some are facing withdrawal issues. The fact is that the money earned is not immediately available to you. They are credited to the account, but you cannot use them due to order processing and payment terms. In Perfluence, this period is 14 days from the date of the CPA result. All CPA networks work on this principle.

Another problem lies in the fact that the terms of cooperation are not always clear and transparent at the start, but are revealed later, when communicating with the manager at a later date of the project.

The result will be summed up in the format of comparing the pros and cons.

A large number of projects from major brandsConvenient interface that is easy to understandInterest-free withdrawal of fundsIndividual managerAvailable analytics for each projectThe possibility of additional earnings on referral linksRare stats updateSupport issuesIt is difficult to predict the income from the projectMixed reviews about cooperation with the platform


If this option does not suit you, then you can consider another way to make money on Perfluence.

How can a scout make money with Perfluence?

Since there are bloggers whose work needs to be coordinated, then specialists are also needed who will deal with this: select suitable advertising platforms, provide technical support, communicate with the blogger, coordinate advertising material, etc. All this is done by scouts, or blogger managers.

Scouts, or blogger managers, help the customer find those who can make effective advertising for his product.

Perfluence puts forward special requirements for such specialists: they must understand social networks, have experience in sales and SMM, and also undergo training and internships.

Jobs can be found on the Perfluence site itself in the Jobs section. The requirements and conditions for cooperation are also indicated there.

First, you are offered to fill out a questionnaire, then they conduct a personal interview and, if you are suitable, they invite you to study. It lasts about two weeks, after which you are sent for an internship. After training and a trial period, you are enrolled in the management team and given the opportunity to select projects for further work.

All managers receive a salary once a month. On average, it is 23 thousand rubles, but it depends on the efficiency and agreements with the client. Over time, a manager can develop a client base and increase his income. Successful scouts can receive from 60 to 300 thousand rubles.

So what is it like to be a Perfluence Scout This is a sales manager who is looking for advertising platforms for the effective placement of customer’s advertising. Those. it is an intermediary between the advertiser and the account owner.

Opportunity to manage multiple projects, increasing your earningsFree work scheduleInternship and trainingAbility to work remotelyGuaranteed pay for workSeveral stages of employment: questionnaire, interview, internship, probationary periodMixed reviews about cooperation with the platform 

 In the article, we tried to highlight all the pros and cons of cooperation with the Perfluence platform, which will help you assess the prospects for such work.


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